Speed Dating In Denver Colorado

Speed Dating In Denver Colorado


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I really like acting out roles. One of my best fantasies may be the space one, where my sweetheart Claire and I land on an alien planet and discover and abuse a man for his semen, our life protein. Then we leave him, for better or for worse, where we found him. Sites like Sex in Colorado make it a whole lot more fun and enthralling for people like us, a pleasant lesbian couple who like a live dick to play with once in a while. Claire talks to the guys, she’s the looker, a really hot blonde. The guys always love my huge titties, very authentic on my womanly frame. She’s the one who picks the dream, and she tells the man his part so he knows what things to do. Claire and I had only done the space girl dream alone. Karl would be the first guy to join us. The next night Claire and I dressed for Karl, who would arrived in costume. Claire smiled her devilish grin, and I knew I was in for a real treat. We had our pet, a massive silver double dildo ready, and were sitting on several chairs once the bell rang. “I’ll get it,” Claire said. I sat quietly, waiting. When what seemed to be too long a time had past I was about to get up when Karl sprang within the door. “I’m here to take women for breeding! Mars needs women!” He yelled and waved his thick nude pink dick at me. “I won’t go with no fight!” I yelled back, and we wrestled to the earth. Just before he bested me Claire came out of nowhere to my rescue. After we had subdued Karl we determined which way would be most effective for protein extraction. Claire and I amused ourselves with Karl’s body, pinching and poking and pulling him every which way. He loved every minute of it, especially when our titties or pussy’s would get close enough for him to sniff or lick. We conquered the intruder, drained him of his precious life semen, and threw him out with the rubbish. In fact, we all had a drink and agreed how much we enjoy Sex in Colorado.


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Clairelooking 4 friends w/benefits, (1 nightstands), phone sex, & camming young guys/girls/cpls

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